Nicole || Durham Boudoir Photography

Day two of our Art of Boudoir Workshop, hosted in Durham North Carolina – should be known as bath tub day. Sure, sure, it was an amazing weekend packed full of sexy sessions, creative minds merging, a little bit of teaching, (a little bit of puzzle-ing) and lots and lots of laughs. BUT ALSO A WHOLE BUNCH OF STEAMY BATHTUB SHOOTS. When we were styling these sessions, we had a specific vision for each (there were six total) and every single one.

Our first model of the day was none other than the gorgeous and brilliant Nicole, also known as The Doctorette. I’ve worked with Nicole before (for this Hurricane Michael styled wedding) and knew that she – and those killer cheek bones, HAD to make an appearance at the workshop.

We started her off in a little black number – that evoked a bit of S&M in my opinion, before getting her dressed in a bridal-esq lace bodysuit from LuLu’s (which is apparently no longer available in white but they have it in red!) And drew her a bath filled with fresh citrus and eucalyptus. The room smelled amazing, and on top of getting some gorgeous images, Nicole also got a complimentary spa treatment!

The feeling of this session came off as both sultry AND sweet, almost a yin and yang vibe. Nicole’s session lasted almost two hours, due to an extra attendee and cramped bathroom quarters. Because of this we actually ran a little over and ended up breaking for lunch and our guest speaker and social media guru (Colette) immediately after.

To see more behind the scenes from Nicole’s session, head over to the workshop site –

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Makeup by the ever talented Modern Alchemy


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