Naomi || Durham Boudoir Photography

Well we did it. We hosted another amazing workshop – this one focusing on the Art of Boudoir, held in a beautiful Airbnb in Durham North Carolina. It was an amazing weekend packed full of sexy sessions, creative minds merging, a little bit of teaching, (a little bit of puzzle-ing) and lots and lots of laughs. When we were styling these sessions, we had a specific vision for each (there were six) and every single one. We put out the model call to see who responded and this amazing and beautiful soul was one of the first to message us. Model number one for the weekend, was none other than the beautiful Naomi. A model by profession but also a total sweetheart, and an absolute vixen, who rocked having her pictures taken by nine photographers at once.

We wanted her session to be sultry yet natural. Playful and exotic. We stocked up on pampas grass (thanks to Colette’s neighbor) taped some branches around windows, and grabbed this gorgeous tribal rug out of Sarah’s home.  Both of the outfits she is wearing for this shoot were purchased from Hemline Shop (thanks Instagram for that random Ad) but fit her perfectly. As with the last workshop, Sarah and I led the session with prompts and poses, and then let the attendees (as well as our two guest speakers) take turns directing Naomi.

The whole session lasted about an hour and a half from start to finish – including outfit changes. This is honestly less time than I personally would shoot with a client for a boudoir session, but we did have a timeline to follow! And although they are not pictured – there are a ton of behind the scene shots (which you can see on our website! where the attendees are taking turns and getting better angles. As an instructor I try to stay out of the way to ensure the attendees are getting the shots that THEY want. After all, that’s kind of the whole point of a workshop, right?

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Makeup by the ever talented Erin Kelly Makeup.


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