Jess || Durham Boudoir Photography

Well we did it. We hosted another amazing workshop – this one focusing on the Art of Boudoir, held in a beautiful Airbnb in Durham North Carolina. It was an amazing weekend packed full of sexy sessions, creative minds merging, a little bit of teaching, (a little bit of puzzle-ing) and lots and lots of laughs. When we were styling these sessions, we had a specific vision for each (there were six) and every single one.

Initially, we had another model chosen for our second session but due to a scheduling conflict she was unable to attend. So I was over the moon stoked when fellow photographer and let’s just call her was she is, fu*king queen bee, Jess with Three Region Photography volunteered as tribute.

Knowing Jess on a personal level, I knew that she could totally pull off a funky, potentially grungy, rock and roll, badass vixen vibe. After all – that’s pretty much Jess in a nutshell. I sent her my inspiration and she took it to the next level. Her leather jacket and doc martins… those fish nets, and good lord her gorgeous red hair.

Essentially, I look at this session and Lady by Lenny Kravitz pops into my head. Again, this session lasted about an hour and a half from start to finish – less time than I personally would shoot with a client for a boudoir session, but after this session was lunch and a short presentation by Olive Bear Blackwood – and if you don’t know who she is then you are silly and need to look at her amazing-ness right. Now.   To see more behind the scenes from Jess’s session, head over to the workshop site –

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Makeup by the ever talented Erin Kelly Makeup.


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