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“Worth The Wait”

Welp, after 6 1/2 years I FINALLY married my BEST friend, the love of my life, my sour patch, my boosicle – and our day was EVEN more perfect than we ever could have imagined!!! I have always said that I don’t always have the BEST of luck, but boy did we luck out with the weather – 67 & sunny – the PERFECT fall day! The food was amazing, the cake was amazing, the drinks were amazing (WHITE CLAW FO EVA!), the florals were amazing, & we were surrounded by the very BEST humans that were there to celebrate our love story!! Every little thing fell perfectly into place!

Little did I know when we started dating long, long ago that when I said to my now husband “I just want to keep things casual” on our first date (because we worked together – & still do!!) that he would take that so very literally!!! It was #ABOUTDAMNTYNER we made things officially official! We took our time getting to this day, but I couldn’t be happier that we did! I’m a true believer that everything happens for a reason! I dealt with a lot of heart ache & pain before I found my Ran, but he made it alllll worth it! I have never had to question his love or loyalty to me, he always has, and always will take care of his “Jan”! He is truly the BEST man I know & also the funniest – I am LUCKY I get to spend my forever with him!! “With my whole heart, for my whole life”

And then there is Justyn. I am just obsessed with her. Justyn wrangled our crazy blended crew and bridal party like a BOSS – even over loud music and plenty of chatting to GET THE JOB DONE! Not only was she amazing at wrangling us crazies, she’s insanely artistic – knows how to work the lighting for the most perfect shots & comes up with all sorts of fun ideas to make each shot magical & unique, she makes you laugh the entire time (which really puts us awkward folk at ease!), and she’s REALLY good at making you feel like a TOTAL bad bitch – the RBF Queen!! Seriously – BEST PHOTOGRAPHER EVER!!!!!!!

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