Souther Pines Boudoir

Colette || Southern Pines Boudoir

There is so much back story to this session I’m not sure where to begin.

I met Colette at a Galentines Vendor event in February 2019. Since then she has been my dedicated person. We clicked immediately after bonding over Rosé, that celebrity she looks like, and all white outfits in winter. A fellow wedding photographer – and honestly one of the only people whose artistic vision is eerily similar to my own, she is my go to when I need a second photographer at any wedding and one of my absolute favorite people to be around. We have not only worked together, but vacationed together, and gotten in front of the camera for each other multiple times. 

This session is one of those times. Last February (before the world shut down) we decided to celebrate our “anniversary” with boudoir sessions for each other. I got in front of her camera and she got in front of mine. We laughed and played music way too loud on a Wednesday while the kids were at school – and ended up with some killer images. So cheers to hot as hell best friends and fellow creatives. The people who walk into your life when least expected and make such an impact that you can’t imagine they were ever not there. 


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