Chelsea & Ben || New Hill Wedding Photography

“If your heart is in your dream,
No request is too extreme,
When you wish upon a star,
As dreamers do.”

— Cliff Edwards

No one can prepare for your wedding day. Trust me, I tried myself and failed miserably. It’s an experience that was emotional (yes, lots of ugly crying), tremendously humbling, and gifted me the purest form of happiness that was utterly intoxicating. My wedding day was not something that I fantasied often as a child. I was more consumed by the idea of finding true meaningful love and what that love would feel like, look like, and how it would ultimately affect my life. Everything came full circle on November 2nd, 2019. Our love was the driving force behind my creative vision for our enchanting day. Even though my vision was clear in my head, it wouldn’t have come together without my remarkable, enthusiastic vendors who let their creativity take the reins. From the canopy of fresh, cascading flowers throughout our venue to the pictures that intimately captured the genuine magic surrounding our friends and family, Ben and I’s newlywed fantasy became a reality.

 Without pictures, our memory, which fades quickly, serves as one of the main resources that we depend on to reminisce and craft a sense of nostalgia when remembering a special moment in time. Justyn has an innate ability to capture personal, life defining moments that make her distinctive pictures worth way more than a thousand words. For me, it was important to have a photographer who took the time to understand the non-traditional ambiance of my wedding. Let me say, Justyn got it. Justyn and I clicked from the moment I emailed her inquiring about engagement pictures. 500 emails later (by choice!), here we are showcasing my wedding photos almost two years later. Not only was Justyn hands-on the day of, but she made a self-conscious, photo shy girl (yes me!) feel gorgeous. If I ever felt uncomfortable with a pose/position, I always let Justyn know (open communication is always welcomed and appreciated by Justyn) and she adjusted accordingly to make sure her top priority was taken care of. Even under immense pressure, she took on the responsibility of directing a huge bridal party effortlessly. Her approach to curating her photographs is a process that impacts the final product enormously. Her photographs exude a unique storm of playful moodiness fused with contemporary style that is rare in the wedding photography world. The quality is insanely current and ambitiously styled to combat the rules of how a classic, modern wedding should look. My goal was to find the gems of the wedding industry to collaborate with and Justyn is a genuine star.

All I can say is, fairytales do exist. My wedding pictures have confirmed that for me.

Chelsea + Ben


Venue: The Bradford
Florals: New Creations
Cake: Editable Art
Desserts: Burney’s
DJ: All Around Raleigh
Videography: Forged Films
Hair: Megan Pirrocco
Wedding Planner: Sweet SaraBelle Weddings
Bar Service: Brewmasters
Photobooth: Spark Photos
Rentals: CE Rental/Greenhouse Picker Sisters


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