Caroline & Peter || Raleigh Engagement Photography

“I’d rather sip on coffee and watch you smile
and get lost in your laugh awhile.”

— a.r.asher

“Early on, we told Justyn that we thought a coffee shop would be a really cool location for our engagement session, but honestly we weren’t sure how it would work out. Luckily for us, Justyn knew of the perfect place — Sola Coffee — which provided beautiful and diverse areas to shoot.
Shooting with Justyn was not only super fun, but she made us feel completely at ease!
Justyn instantly made us feel comfortable taking professional and intimate photos for the first time in our lives. Even the most serious pictures were accompanied with laughs as she joked around with us making us feel relaxed. Justyn’s positive energy combined with her amazing creative eye gave us the best collection of pictures we could have hoped for that truly captured who we are together. We cannot wait to continue working with Justyn over the next months!”


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