Audrey Rose || Durham Boudoir Photography

Truth – Audrey was the very FIRST person I ever met in North Carolina. We met at a park in Wake Forest nine years ago this August. We were in the area house hunting and it happened to be my husbands birthday, so I snuck our then two year old out of the hotel room in the early morning hours and took her to a playground down the street. We were the only two there and I was dying from lack of caffeine, when this beautiful brown haired woman and her adorable son sat on one of the park benches. I noticed she had a cup of Dunkin donuts and without thinking essentially shouted at her “OH MY GAWD, where did you get that?!” She looked surprised (rightfully so) but smiled and said “The coffee or the kid?”. We swapped numbers and the rest is history. 

"Being a photographer myself, I'm super picky as to the style that I like. Different sessions call for different styles, and when I decided to do boudoir photos, Justyn for me was literally my only option. All I wanted was her style, her editing, and her gorgeous face egging me on out of my comfort zone. Lemme tell you... we had a BLAST! I'm not a hair and makeup kind of person, so it was super helpful having Sara from Modern Alchemy there to make me look all dolled up. Having that done professionally really helps to set the mood for the whole thing, as well as made me feel more confident. So the fact that Justyn had it all set up for me was a SUPER big deal! The session itself was such an amazing experience. Not only did Justyn make me feel comfortable, but she made me feel beautiful. Which, to be fair, is a hard stunt to pull off. I've never been one to compliment myself, but once I saw my pics, I had to admit that she was right... I looked beautiful. And for me to say that aloud is a HUGE feat. Justyn didn't pose me in any awkward ways and I didn't feel embarrassed or shy in front of her. I'm a non-posey kind of person, and everything we did seemed very natural and comfortable. She took her cues from my emotions (and outfits!) and the results were everything I hoped they would be. I can't wait to do this again with her, because I will DEFINITELY be doing it again!! "


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