Hannah || Raleigh Boudoir Photography

“She was a wild one;
always stomping on eggshells
that everyone else tip-toed on.”
– Kaitlin Foster –

What was originally holding you back from booking a session?
At first, I hadn’t ever really considered boudoir, I always thought it would be something I would save for when I was engaged. After this opportunity was presented, I just wanted to dive in and try something new. I was worried I wouldn’t be “fit enough” for boudoir, but then Justyn showed me examples of boudoir, and the photos were a variety of people, of all shapes and sizes. The common thing I saw though, was everyone looked confident, proud, beautiful and sexy. It inspired me more to do this photo session. 
What were you most nervous about for your session?
I was nervous that I would freeze in front of the camera! I had only done one other photo shoot before, and I had my boyfriend modeling with me, so it was easier to have someone to interact with. Doing this photo session, I was worried I would just be a deer in headlights having to pose by myself. 
How did you feel about yourself before your session?
Before my session, I have never thought of myself as anything special, just average. I felt alright in the clothes I wear, but feared showing what was underneath. The scars I have, the not perfectly toned areas, and my stretch marks were something I always kept hidden. I have come to accept that these are apart of my growing body, but it was always something I feared to show at the same time.
Describe your experience:
This was one of the most fun things I have ever done! I was nervous, but excited when I arrived. When I put on my body suit for the beginning of the session, I instantly felt great about what I was doing. This was one of my favorite pieces I have. I wear it with pants, skirts, or just when I am dancing around the house. I felt great with what I was wearing, and it made me feel more confident going into the session. As we went though the different outfits, I became more and more confident with my body. I felt comfortable wearing my favorite pieces, and I loved getting to show them off! 
My favorite was getting to wear my boyfriend’s black blazer. This blazer is the one that he wears for all our anniversary moments, so it was special to me to wear for this session. It was so fun to give a “Mad Men” style, but with my own sexy twist. Justyn was so supportive through everything, and was the true master. She helped me choose my outfits, she was able to guide me through poses, she was able to make me laugh and relax.
How did you feel about yourself after your session?
After my session, I feel so proud and powerful. I felt that I took ownership of my body, and I was ready to show the world that I am not just average, but I am beautiful.
How did you feel about your self after seeing your photos?
My jaw dropped after I saw my photos. I said “this can’t be me!” and my boyfriend said “Oh that’s you! Now, see how beautiful you are?” 
 I thought back to the boudoir photos I saw before my session that were of all different types of bodies, each photo showing how beautiful each person was. I want to show the world these photos, not just because I felt great about how I look, but to empower others to have this experience. I want to be one of those people that inspire others to be show off who they are. Everyone should feel beautiful, everyone should feel proud of their body, everyone should feel good in their own skin. 
Justyn did the most amazing job. I have no idea what goes on behind a camera lens, but she has it down to a tee. She captured pictures and moments I would have never seen, I felt like a piece of artwork she created. 
What would you tell anyone interested, but maybe hesitant, in booking a session of their own?
When I shared the first photo from my session, I had a couple of friends say “I wish I could do that!” and I said “You can!!” Doing this photo session, it helped my confidence, it helped me become more comfortable in my own skin, and I believe every person has the right to be proud of their body. 
Anything else you want to add?
This experience was one of the most empowering things I have ever done. I booked this session to take ownership of my body, to join the voices that say “we are all beautiful”, to show that it’s sexy to be comfortable to be in your own skin.   


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