Caitlin || Raleigh Maternity Boudoir Photography

I am so pumped for a new year. 2018 was absolutely incredible and I have no doubt that 2019 will be too. My first event of this year is a day full of boudoir sessions – one of my favorite events to host. It’s a day full of sensual empowerment – with some pampering thrown in for good measure. A lot of women feel like these images need to stay private – well if you follow me on instagram then you know they don’t. Boudoir is art. It’s about bearing your soul and yes, your body, to the camera – and coming out the other side feeling like a freaking goddess (or god if you’re a gentleman). It’s personal in a way that you wouldn’t have in an outdoor session, you’re free to completely let loose and allow yourself to completely open up.

“…Boudoir is very personal and intimate and trusting your photographer’s vision and yours to compliment each other is HUGE. Justyn did amazing capturing my maternity boudoir with all the boho moody vibe I was desiring. Her photos will empower you like no other…” Caitlin


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