Kristina & Morgan || Raleigh Engagement Photography


When I first met these two – I knew immediately that I wanted to work with them. They are so fun loving and easy going that I knew even if they decided to go with another photographer – we would HAVE to get together in the future because they are just my kind of people. Luckily they did pick me (insert happy dance) and we got to planning their engagement session. Initially we had discussed shooting in the mountains (which I believe we are still planning to do) but after doing a little recon *aka stalking* I found out that Kristina had a food blog. I pitched the idea that we shoot in home and they make something delicious and they were all for it. We shot at Kristina’s parents home – they made pasta carbonara (it was amazing) from scratch and then snuggled on the couch with their pup Elsa afterwards. It was seriously the BEST rainy sunday shoot ever. I can’t wait to work with this adorable couple again! 


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