Kate & Bryan || Raleigh Engagement Photography


A little backstory — When Kate and I started talking about where we would shoot her engagement pictures, she really didn’t have a location in mind. In fact her only requirement was that the location had to be (and I quote) “Badass”. Driving home from another session I found the perfect location. The lake here has been down due to the lack of rain (I think at least) and this spot was perfect. The sunset directly over the patchy shallow spots, there were tall trees… perfect. We set a plan and then, mother nature threw a wrench in our plan. Four days before her scheduled session the temperatures dropped drastically and we were looking at high of 20 some degree days for the next week. NOT something you want to spend two hours in. We needed a plan B. In home? No. Maybe an airbnb? Maybe. A greenhouse? but where? How about this awesome new wedding venue that has four shooting options in one? PERFECT. Which led us to The Meadows Raleigh  – an amazing venue on the outskirts of Raleigh that offers pretty much any setting your heart desires and 100% met Kate’s “badass” requirement.Fast forward to the session. I told the couple to bring two outfits (and then brought a couple dresses for Kate just in case) – one casual for an indoor setting, and one more formal because – engagement pictures ya’ll! They showed up with beer, my favorite, and I showed up with coffee – which apparently Bryan was in dire need of. These two were so much fun and super easy to work with. Bryan reminds me of Schmidt from New Girl and made everyone laugh the entire session. These images are genuine and sweet and I seriously can’t wait to work with them again in July.


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