The Garman Family || Winchester VA Family Photography


Honestly, I’m not sure how to even start writing this post. Over the Thanksgiving holiday… No… it didn’t start there. Let me backtrack. There is this amazing photographer (slash woman, slash momma, slash small business owner) in my hometown of Winchester, VA. I’ve followed her work for years – before I ever decided to start a business of my own. She’s inspiring and her work is just breathtakingly beautiful. Over the last year or two our circle of friends has intertwined as well as our clientele, and in May she sent me a message on Instagram pretty much asking why we didn’t know each other sooner (I fangirled a bit, I won’t lie) and we set up a coffee date for the next time I was in town. Long story short – she’s kind of my other half but more talented and creative (TRUTH, I steal her ideas and haircuts) and I don’t know how it was that we lived in the same town for 20+ years and never met. Fast Forward a couple of months to the week of Thanksgiving where we decided to swap family sessions. I legit spent four days with this brood and didn’t tire of them one bit.Sarah, you are an amazing photographer, mother, and wife. Your children (and husband?) are beautiful, and your love of life, and YOUR kindness radiate throughout your family. I was honored to take these pictures, and to build a friendship – nay I say social media bestie-ship – with you. Until we meet again!


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