Tiffany & Austin || Hawksbill Mountain Elopement Photography


At the beginning of April, I had a couple contact me asking if I would be willing to capture them “making out at the top of a mountain” at sunrise. I was intrigued and we connected. Tiffany and Austin may be the most genuine, lovey dovey (yes I just said that) couple I have ever met. We clicked immediately and I knew I was meant to be the one to go on this adventure with them. At approximately 4:36 am on June 11 2017, Tiffany,  Austin, and their three nearest and dearest picked me up from a lodge in Newland, NC and we found our way to Hawksbill Mountain trailhead. We arrived just before 5:30 and started hiking up the mountain. By 6:10(ish)  we were at the summit – a quick (albeit steep) mile hike. If I could put watching the sunrise from the top of the summit into words I would, but I can’t. It was breathtaking and humbling. One of those bucket list items that I highly recommend you tick off your list.  I was surprised that there were other hikers (and campers) at the summit this early, and the sweetest pup named Amy.  We announced that a ceremony would be taking place shortly – and they all approved and gave us the space to proceed. It was a short ceremony, officiated by Tiffany’s best friend since the age of two – it was heartfelt and contained verses from both the princess bride and the proclaimers. Really, who could ask for more? Congratulations to this tremendously adorable and happy couple – you make my heart so happy and I can’t wait to see what adventures lie ahead of you!


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