Rachael & Joel || Cary Couples Photography


Normally my in home sessions are for boudoir or are spent capturing babies and children running amuck, however I spent Sunday morning with these two lovers in their adorable apartment. Right away I was greeted by their two ridiculously sweet kitty cats, the promise of chocolate chip pancakes, scents of vanilla candles burning and freshly brewed coffee. I felt at home instantly. Although we had never met in person before that morning, it felt as if I had known Rachael and Joel for ages. Our session was full of stories and laughs, the aforementioned pancakes, and intimate moments between the two. Conversation flowed easily and was only punctuated by the soft sound of my shutter as they sipped their coffee. I left with the promise of double dates and a newly found friendship. “Home is honest. Home is where you can be completely at ease. It is a museum of places and spaces where tenderness, tears, joy have all happened. The place from where you watch the world.”  


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