Megan || Durham Boudoir Photography


There are so many misconceptions that women and men have surrounding a boudoir session. Many women grow up thinking that it is very sexy, glamorous, dramatic, and maybe even pornographic, but I am on a mission to show that this is not the case.  I recently had a conversation about with an acquaintance and had to explain my love of boudoir and found it surprisingly easy.  He claimed that having these pictures taken sets a higher standard for oneself, that my clients see these pictures and think “I’m not that person today”.  My simple rebuttal was, that she is. These women that step in front of my camera are always this person, I have not edited out anything, and these images are reminders  of how gorgeous they are.  Although they may have intended these images as a gift for their significant other, this session is  just for her, to showcase her curves, delicacy, and perfect imperfections, in a way that shows her strength in her vulnerability, and allows her to know that she is enough. That beautiful person she sees in those images is HER. (Hair by Veronique with The Hair Garden, Makeup by Erin Kelly Makeup)


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