Candace & Nathan || Delaplane Virginia Engagement Photography


This session was absolutely amazing. Candace and Nathan were SO much fun to work with! They were referred to me by a mutual friend (who I also hope to do a session with soon!) and I was able to work with them while I was home visiting my family for Thanksgiving. There are so many beautiful and picturesque places in my hometown, I’ve been eyeing this location for years. As a child I spent a lot of time running these fields and tormenting the cows. The view is incredible, at some points you can see the entire valley. We shot Wednesday afternoon, and as I drove over the mountain to get to Sky Meadows, the clouds came in and the sun went away. At first we were a little bummed that the beautiful blue skies that had teased us all day had gone, and at one point it actually started to sleet on us, but undeterred and having too much fun to care – we were able to get some amazing shots. So many in fact that I had a really hard time not sharing every. single. image. in this blog post.img_9127img_9136img_9140img_9147img_9149img_9156img_9159img_9170img_9176img_9178img_9190img_9198img_9202img_9214img_9218img_9222img_9239img_9253img_9268img_9275img_9283img_9305img_9309img_9318img_9320img_9322img_9326img_9331img_9340img_9348-2img_9376img_9379-2img_9369img_9383-2img_9389img_9402img_9415img_9412img_9446img_9450 


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